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3D Printing Services

Custom online 3D printing (additive manufacturing) services. Achieve high-quality rapid prototyping and production within the fastest 3 days.

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Our 3D Printing Process Options

Boyi can enable you to quickly and easily obtain high-quality custom 3D printed parts. We have over ten 3D printers, including SLA, SLS, and SLM. This allows for 3D printing of plastics and metals, and provides options for prototype design and production.

stereolithography sla

Stereolithography (SLA)

SLA uses ultraviolet laser to irradiate photosensitive resin and solidifies layer by layer to construct the desired shape. Can quickly create complex models and prototypes, accelerating the product development cycle.

selective laser sintering sls

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

SLS is suitable for the production of functional parts. By using laser beams to sinter powder materials layer by layer, high-quality 3D printed parts with complex structures are manufactured without the need for support.

Object printed on metal 3d printer.

Selective Laser Melting(SLM)

SLM is a metal 3D printing technology that uses laser melting of metal powder to manufacture high-strength and complex metal components. It is an ideal choice for the aerospace and automotive industries.

Not sure which process is most suitable for your part design? Please contact the BOYI team.

Gallery of 3D Printing Parts

Check out our gallery. Through our advanced manufacturing technology, achieve your creative and engineering goals.

Custom 3D Printing - From Concept to Production

Moving your next design from early testing to full production has never been so simple. Through Boyi, you can complete 3D printing prototypes within a few days, thereby accelerating design iterations and market launch speed.

Concept Models

Custom 3D printing can quickly transform design concepts into physical entities, enabling product developers to quickly validate design ideas.

Rapid Prototyping

3D printing can be used to create fully functional prototypes for functional testing, review design details, or presentation to investors or clients.

Custom Manufacturing

Achieve a greater degree of design freedom, can be custom manufactured 3D printed parts of any shape and complex structure, and help reduce resource waste.

3D Printing Materials

We offer a comprehensive selection of over 50 materials, including thermoplastic, thermosetting materials, and metals. Whether it’s rapid prototyping or mass production parts, you can choose Boyi’s 3D printing service with a delivery time of as little as 3 days.





3D Printing Materials

We can purchase any other materials as requested, Please contact the BOYI team.

3D Printing General Tolerances

We provide tolerance standards for each 3D printing process to see which processes are suitable for the requirements of your application.

Standards SLA SLS SLM

Maximum Build Size

1400 mm×700 mm×500 mm
55.11 in.×27.55 in.×19.68 in.

380 mm×280 mm×380 mm
15 in.×11 in.×15 in.

5 mm×5 mm×5 mm
0.2 in.×0.2 in.×0.2 in.

Min Feature Size

0.15 mm
0.006 in.

0.76 mm
0.03 in.

0.5 mm
0.02 in.

Layer Height

0.025 mm to 0.1 mm
0.001 in. to 0.0004 in.

0.1 mm to 0.12 mm
0.0004 in. to 0.005 in.

0.03 mm to 0.05 mm
0.0011 in. to 0.002 in.

Minimum Wall Thickness

0.6 mm
0.023 in.

0.7 mm
0.027 in.

0.08 mm
0.003 in.

Dimension Tolerance

±0.2 mm
±0.007 in.

±0.2 mm
±0.007 in.

±0.2 mm
±0.007 in.


ABS, polycarbonate, polypropylene, silicone

Nylon, polypropylene, TPU


Standard Lead Time

4 business days

6 business days

6 business days

Want stricter tolerance standards? Please contact the BOYI team.

Need 3d printed parts even faster?

Utilize Boyi’s manufacturing network to accelerate your project progress. Since its establishment in 2006, Boyi has provided customers with the world’s most comprehensive manufacturing solutions. We have internal factories in Hong Kong and Dongguan, China designed specifically for automation and speed. 3D printed parts can be obtained in up to 3 days.

3d printed parts

Why Choose Us for Custom 3D Printing?

Boyi is an expert in the field of rapid prototyping manufacturing in China, and we deeply understand the prototype and production needs of any enterprise. We strive to meet all specified times and provide quality assurance products to global customers at affordable prices.


Unparalleled Production Capacity

Our factory is equipped with over 30 3D printers for producing both metal and plastic parts. This means that whether you require parts in small batches or for large-scale production, we consistently maintain sufficient production capacity to meet your needs promptly.


Quick Turnaround

Obtaining quotes and DFM (Design for Manufacturability) within 24 hours, with 3D printed parts available in as fast as 3 days, streamlines the waiting period, thus ensuring smoother project execution.


Wide Material Selection

Among our three 3D printing technologies, we offer over 100 available materials, and this list continues to expand. Additionally, if your 3D printed parts require it, we can provide various surface finishing options to further enhance mechanical performance and appearance.


Professional Technical Support

Our experienced 3D technology team provides personalized guidance for each of your projects. Determine the optimal part direction based on your application requirements to improve 3D printing success rate and customer satisfaction.

3D Printing Overview

What is 3D printing? How does 3D printing work?

3D printing is an additive manufacturing technology that creates objects by stacking and fusing materials layer by layer, without the need for traditional cutting or material removal methods. It is fast, cost-effective, and can manufacture complex geometric shapes, commonly used in prototype design and lightweight object manufacturing in the engineering field.
Modeling: Create or obtain a 3D model. Slicing: The model is sliced into thin layers. Printing: The object is gradually built layer by layer. Curing/Melting: Materials are bonded together. Cooling/Solidifying: Each layer cools or solidifies after completion. Repeat Layers: Repeat these steps until the entire object is finished.

What is the most popular 3D printing technology?

The most popular 3D printing technology varies depending on its specific purpose and project requirements. For example, the required materials, size of printed objects, complexity, and required accuracy. If you need assistance in finding the most suitable 3D printing process for you, you can consult and plan with our team of additive manufacturing experts.

About 3D Printing FAQ

We support common 3D file formats such as STL, OBJ, STEP, etc., and can accept files generated by most mainstream CAD software.

Our device supports printing of different sizes, and the maximum size depends on the selected material and printing technology. We can provide you with detailed size limit information.

Normally, our delivery time is calculated from the moment we receive the order, and the fastest is only 3 day.

Yes, we strictly adhere to customer confidentiality requirements and take measures to ensure the security of customer data and design.

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