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Bring product ideas to life from rapid prototyping to plastic injection molding production

Rapid prototyping | Injection molding

We provide turnkey solution for a new product from conceptual design prototypes,mold manufacturing ,injection molding ,secondary processing to assembly.

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Design and engineering support

Get free manufacturability analysis to quickly improve part design. Get free quotatioin with very competitive price for your project .

Rapid prototyping

Quickly test prototype parts and push them to the market faster.

Mold making

Tolerance up to ± 0.01 mm to meet your high precision plastic injection mold requirements to win in the market.

Plastic injection molding parts

Precision plastic parts in production to reduce manufacturing costs and effectively meet your production needs.

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BOYI TECHNOLOGY is a China leading professional prototypes ,high precision plastic mold and injection solution provider. Our skilled experts and advanced technology enable us to quickly, accurately, and economically translate your ideas into reality.

cnc machining parts

Rapid Prototyping

Utilize rapid CNC machining to cut your customized parts with high precision, ensuring smooth prototyping and producing as many parts as possible.

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Mold Making

High precision and stable quality plastic mold to ensure injection molding production works smoothly.

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injection molding parts

Plastic Injection Molding

Our injection molding can manufacture competitively priced, high-quality plastic production parts within fast delivery times to help you open up and seize the market.

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Since 2006, BOYI has been a trusted partner for global enterprises. Efficiently communicate with engineers from BoYI CNC machining and injection molding companies to ensure that your project is cost-effective.

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