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Polishing Services

Elevate the quality and aesthetics of your parts with our precision polishing solutions.

ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 13485:2016 | IATF16949

polishing operation

What is the main purpose of polishing operation?

The main purpose of a polishing operation is to improve the surface finish of a material by removing imperfections, such as scratches, burrs, and other surface irregularities. Polishing can also enhance the aesthetic appearance of a material by creating a smooth, glossy surface or a specific texture. Additionally, polishing can improve the functional properties of a material, such as reducing friction or increasing resistance to corrosion.

Polishing Specifications

Features Info
Stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, copper, alloy steel
Surface Finish
Ra 0.2μm
Polishing Type
manual, mechanical, chemical
Machining Marks
Removed on primary surfaces
Mirror-like, glossy

Polishing Parts

polishing parts
polishing parts 1
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