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Custom Injection Mold Tooling

No minimum order quantities(MOQ). Create high-quality injection mold tooling for prototypes and production parts. So that you can easily and quickly obtain high-quality custom plastic parts.

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What is Injection Molding Tooling?

Injection mold, also known as injection molding or injection mold tooling, is a crucial component used in the process of injection molding. It is a tool employed for producing plastic parts by injecting molten plastic or other materials into the mold to form products of desired shapes and dimensions.

We specialize in manufacturing various types of high-precision injection molds, double injection molds, multi cavity molds, insert mold, over mold, 2K injection molds, die casting die, and rapid prototyping molds. Ensure the production of high-precision and high-quality plastic parts.

Soft Tooling — Hard Tooling

We have two types of injection mold tooling services to choose from, with delivery times as fast as 7 days, allowing you to complete the transition from injection molded parts to production within a few days.


Soft Tooling

Injection molds used for short-term or low volume production. They are usually made of silicone, polyurethane or other soft materials, and compared to hard molds, the manufacturing cost of soft tools is lower and the manufacturing cycle is shorter.

injection mold (2)

Hard Tooling

Injection molds used for long-term or large-scale production can provide higher production efficiency and longer service life, but have higher manufacturing costs and manufacturing cycles. They are usually made of metal materials, such as steel or aluminum.

Injection Mold Tooling Capabilities

Based on customer needs and specifications, customize the design and manufacture of injection molds to ensure they can accurately meet specific production requirements.

Items Description
Mold Cavities
Mould Life
100,000 - 1,000,000 shots
Maximum Mould Size
Mold Storage
Stored for 5 years of inactivity
Hot/Cold Runner
+/- 0.1mm
Surface of Mould
EDM / High Polish&Texture
Mold Ownership
Customer owned
Molud Standard
Additional Information
No minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement
Surface finishing options (texture, polishing, painting, chrome plating, screen printing)
Basic inspection reports can be provided upon request

Standard Lead Times

7 business days — 15 business days

Injection Mold Tooling Material

Provide multiple levels of mold material selection for different stages of product development needs. If you have special material needs, please contact us BOYI team.

Tool Steel


Stainless Steel



Why Choose Boyi for Injection Mold Tooling

Boyi is your trusted partner. Our professional team can provide you with comprehensive technical support and solutions to meet your requirements and ensure high-quality final product delivery.


No Minimum Order Quantities

We meet your inventory needs without a minimum order quantity limit, which helps to quickly transfer custom plastic parts from design to production.


Faster Time to Market

Injection mold tooling can be obtained within a few days to quickly modify designs and shorten overall time to market during early product development.


Lower Production Cost

Unleash new market opportunities and reduce inventory and warehousing costs by economically and efficiently producing small batches of end-use parts.


Engineering Technical Support

Our one-on-one engineers provide advice and solutions throughout the entire product production cycle to support your business and achieve your goals.

Gallery of Injection Mold Tooling

Injection Mold Tooling FAQ

Molds leadtime as low as 7 days.Specific time depends on the steps required for design, processing, debugging, and verification.

We need you to provide detailed design drawings or CAD files for the product. Other useful information includes material requirements, expected yield, and special requirements (such as surface finishing or specific standards).

We strictly follow high standard manufacturing processes and quality control procedures. From material selection to processing technology, as well as final mold testing and verification, we implement strict quality control to ensure the production of high-quality molds that meet precision and quality requirements.

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