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Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services

Get a wide range of customized services from our manufacturing network of specialized plastic injection molding companies. From prototype to production tool. Get bulk pricing and DFM in 1 day.

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What's Injection Molding?

Injection molding is also known as injection moulding. This process uses an injection molding machine to heat and melt thermoplastic materials, inject the molten plastic material into the mold, and cool it to form the required parts or products.

Boyi Custom Injection Molding Solutions

By utilizing Boyi’s customized plastic injection molding solution in China, we offer two process variants – overmolding and insert molding to shape plastic parts. 50 to 1000 ton injection molding machines can be used for on-demand prototyping and production operations.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is done by injecting molten thermoplastic material into a mold, which is then cooled and hardened in the mold to eventually form the desired part or product.


Overmolding is a method of manufacturing parts using multiple materials. Add injection material layers to existing injection molded parts to form composite parts or construct layered parts.


Injection Mold Tooling

Create reliable injection molds for different stages of product development, helping customers achieve efficient and large-scale production of plastic parts. 

Insert Molding

Insert molding can combine the characteristics of different materials together, not limited to using plastic as the substrate. This method can add plastic coatings or components to prefabricated metal parts.

Gallery of Plastic Injection Molding Parts

Understanding our injection molding capabilities, the following shows the plastic prototypes and on-demand production parts we manufacture for our customers.

Injection Molding Capabilities

We adopt advanced production technology and highly precise manufacturing processes to ensure that each injection molded part meets the highest standards. Please refer to the table below for the standard range we provide.

Standards Details

Maximum Part Size


Minimum Part Size


Mold Cavity Tolerances


Available Mold Types

Steel and aluminum tools. The production levels we provide: below 1000 times, below 5000 times, below 30000 times, above 100000 times.

Part to Part Repeatability


Tool Ownership

Customer owned

Secondary Operations

Mold texture, transfer printing, laser engraving, threaded inserts, and basic assembly.

Inspection and Certification Options

Quality reports such as FAI, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, etc.(View our quality control standards)

Lead Time

15 business days or less

Injection Molding Materials

The following are common materials used for injection molds and plastic parts. If you are looking for alternative material options, please contact BOYI team.

Mold Materials

Plastics Material

Injection Molding Materials

Boyi can also purchase customized plastic materials according to requirements.

Play Video about Our mold manufacturing center

Tour Our Mold Manufacturing Center

Watch our video for a quick tour of our 2,000 square meter manufacturing facility in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, to learn more about Boyi’s mold manufacturing and injection molding capabilities.

We have 16 high-speed and precision CNC machining centers for mold processing, 11 EDM machines, 4 wire cutting machines, 4 grinder machines , 20 50-1000T injection molding machines ,1 CMM detect centers and 1 2.5 Dimension measuring instrument respectively, & etc. overseas and domestic brand high-precision production and inspection & testing equipments.

Why Choose Us for Custom Plastic Injection Molding?

Fast Turnaround

With our quick response and action system , molds leadtime as low as 7-15 days ,injection parts producing time as low as 72 hours.

Strict Quality Control

All our products meet strict tolerance criteria and quality standards, making us one of leading injection mold maker in China.


On demand Producement of parts with no minimum order quantity can help meet your flexiable needs suit to the market.

Security Confidentiality

We sign NDA with clients and make in-house production to keep confidentiality for your projects.

boyi injection molding workshop

Injection Molding FAQ's

Injection molding can produce large quantities of products in a short period of time, and multiple identical or different parts can be produced simultaneously with a single mold filling. The efficient production speed and batch production capacity make the production cost of each part relatively low

Injection molding can be used to manufacture a variety of products and plastic parts, such as automotive parts, electronic and electrical products, medical device casings, toy manufacturing, industrial components and accessories, and aerospace parts, among others.

Yes, we welcome low volume customization orders. We aim to provide flexible production solutions, whether for high-volume production or small-scale orders.

Usually the mold delivery time is as low as 7 days. Production time for injection molded parts is as low as 72 hours. We strive to ensure that orders are fulfilled in the shortest possible time and product quality is maintained.

Yes, we provide mold design and manufacturing services to ensure that the molds meet your product specifications and quality requirements.

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