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Aluminium Extrusion Services

Provide custom extrusion services for aluminum profiles with constant cross-sections of different lengths.Request a quoting to get started today.

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What is Custom Aluminum Extrusion?

Extruded aluminum profiles are a manufacturing process that involves extruding aluminum billets through molds of specific shapes to obtain the desired cross-section. This process involves heating the aluminum billet material to a sufficiently softened temperature, and then applying high pressure through an extruder to squeeze it through the custom mold, forming the desired cross-sectional shape.

Custom aluminum profile extrusion can be used to manufacture aluminum profiles that meet specific requirements, dimensions, or shapes, producing aluminum profiles that meet specific specifications, such as tubular, angular, T-shaped, I-shaped, and so on.

Our Custom Aluminum Extrusion Services

We accept low-volume extrusion orders suitable for prototype design and low-volume manufacturing, allowing you to try customizing profiles.including but not limited to T-groove aluminum extruded parts, aluminum corner materials, T-bars, H-bars, and Z-bars.

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Extruded Aluminum Channels

Using advanced extrusion technology and precision engineering to produce custom aluminum channels

custom aluminum extrusion parts

Extruded Aluminum Bar

Allows for the creation of bars with specific cross-sectional profiles and dimensions

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Extruded Aluminum Trim

There can be different contours, sizes, and surface finishes to meet different design requirements and preferences.

Why Choose Boyi for Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Provide specialized low-volume custom extrusion services for unique short-term projects. Capable of obtaining the required aluminum extruded parts in the early stages of testing, validation, or specific projects.



The aluminum extrusion parts are extruded by the same die to ensure consistent cross section. After straightening, ensure consistency in length and meet dimensional requirements.


Fast Manufacturing

The production speed of aluminum extruded parts is between 60 and 600 millimeters per minute. Rapid production helps to shorten delivery cycles and reduce production costs.



Our custom aluminum extrusion service allows you to obtain aluminum profiles of specific shapes, sizes, and cross-sections to meet the unique requirements of the project.


Endless Options

Provide a selection of hundreds of possible materials, surface treatments, tolerances, markings, and certification combinations to meet the specific project requirements and specifications.

Standard Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Our professional technicians can help you create standard profiles of different sizes and shapes.Aluminum extruded profiles can usually be customized according to any two-dimensional design. These established shapes may be standardized profiles, such as tubular, angular, T-shaped, I-shaped, and so on.

Standard Size for Extrusion Profiles

The following are some common standard dimensions for extruded profiles, commonly used for T-groove aluminum profiles in frames and other applications:

Item Size
2020 Aluminum profile
20mm x 20mm
80/20 Aluminum profile

T-slot design aluminum extrusion

Learn more about 80/20 aluminum extrusion

2040 Aluminum extrusion
20 mm x 40 mm
3030 Aluminum profile
30mm x 30mm
4040 Aluminum extrusion
40mm x 40mm
4545R Aluminum profile
45mm x 45mm, round
8020H Aluminum profile
80mm x 20mm, heavy-duty

Common Aluminum Extrusion Applications

Our comprehensive aluminum extrusion capabilities ensure that we can meet the demands of diverse industries, providing top-notch quality extruded aluminum components tailored to the specific needs of aluminum extrusion companies.

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Gallery of Aluminum Extrusion Parts

About Aluminum Extrusion FAQ

Yes, you can order customized aluminum extruded profiles. Aluminum extrusion technology allows customization of various shapes and sizes of aluminum profiles based on customer specific requirements and designs.

Sure, you can specify the desired aluminum alloy. Although 6061 and 6063 are commonly used aluminum alloys, Boyi can usually meet the specific needs of customers and can produce extruded profiles using other aluminum alloys.

Usually, aluminum extrusion technology can achieve various complex and diverse shapes. This includes but is not limited to the following types: rectangular pipes, pipes, T-brackets, Z-beams, J-channels, U-channels, C-channels, and L-channels.

Aluminum is a lightweight metal with low density, making extruded aluminum profiles very suitable for applications that require lightweight design, such as automotive, aerospace, and transportation fields.

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