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Low-Volume Manufacturing Services

No minimum order quantity.Our low volume manufacturing services are a great way to bridge development between the prototyping and full-scale production stages.

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Low-Volume Manufacturing Services With Boyi

Low volume manufacturing of 1 to 10000 metal and plastic parts. By using Boyi professional prototyping and manufacturing services, our customers can obtain the exact quantity of parts they want, regardless of the final quantity.

Low-Volume Production Capabilities Comparison Table

Final Production Process Single Project Production Capacity Fast Delivery Time Standard Delivery Time


Minimum 3 working days

Minimum 5 working days





Below 2000


If unsure which service is most suitable for your needs. Please contact BOYI team provide more service information.

When is Low-Volume Manufacturing Used?

Low volume manufacturing is usually adopted in the following situations and can bring various advantages to enterprises:

Bridge Development

Used to create initial product prototypes and samples to validate design and functionality. Low volume manufacturing helps identify and solve manufacturing problems in prototype design, and gradually increases production.

Gauge Market Success

Used to measure market response to new products, avoid risks before large-scale investment, and test market acceptance through a small number of products.

Cost Reduction

In situations where high volume production is not required, low volume manufacturing avoids a large backlog of inventory, reduces capital occupation and waste risks.

Custom Products

With changes in market demand, low volume manufacturing can adjust production lines more flexibly to meet different product changes and market trends.

Benefits of Low-Volume Manufacturing

Benefits of Low-Volume Manufacturing

Is Low-Volume Manufacturing a Good Fit for Me?

Determining whether low-volume manufacturing is suitable for your production needs requires some consideration. low-volume manufacturing services focus on producing high-quality parts in relatively small quantities (usually limited to 3000 parts or less).

When deciding to adopt low-volume manufacturing services, multiple factors need to be considered. Factors such as production complexity, changes in market demand, product lifecycle, and competitive environment should all be taken into consideration. If you are facing a situation that requires flexibility, fast production, and does not require a large amount of inventory, low-volume manufacturing is very suitable for your needs.

To learn how to benefit from low-volume manufacturing, please contact Boyi experts get real-time quotes.

About Low-Volume Manufacturing FAQs

Time depends on product complexity, manufacturing technology, and quantity. Generally speaking, low-volume manufacturing is usually faster than high volume production, but the production cycle still needs to be evaluated based on specific circumstances.

Suitable for products that require personalization, customization, or customization based on specific needs, such as special customized accessories, prototype design, limited edition products, etc.

Low-volume manufacturing is widely used in emerging product development, customized products, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, electronic equipment and other fields.

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