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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Sheet metal fabrication produces durable parts for prototyping or end use. Sheet metal parts in as fast as 3 day.

ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 13485:2016 | IATF16949

As one of the best sheet metal fabricators in China, we have unparalleled production capacity, delivering up to 200 sheet metal parts within a week, accelerating your product development cycle faster than ever before.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Process​

Choose Boyi sheet metal fabrication service, whether you need a single part or 1000 parts, to ensure timely delivery every time. From prototype to assembly and surface finishing options, shorten your production time and launch products faster.

laser cutting sheet metal parts


Use cutting equipment to cut sheet metal (usually using laser, plasma, and water jet cutting techniques) to obtain the desired shape and size of raw materials.

metal bending technology


Forming V-shaped, U-shaped, and channel shaped sheet metal through mechanical or hydraulic pressure. This process is very suitable for complex geometric shapes.

metal stamping parts


Stamping technology can quickly and efficiently process large quantities of metal parts, while ensuring the consistency and quality of the parts.

welding of sheet metal parts


Need to connect sheet metal components together? We offer different welding techniques such as MIG, TIG, or resistance welding to ensure strong connections.

Boyi Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities

This table describes the general tolerances for Boyi sheet metal services. For tolerances that exceed these standards, please provide a detailed explanation of your requirements on the design schematic or contact our engineers.

Features Metric units Imperial units

Part size limit

3050 mm×6100 mm

120.1 in.×240.2 in.

Cutting feature

±0.2 mm

± 0.007 in.

Bend angle

± 1.0°

Bend to edg

± 0.254 mm

± 0.01 in.

Sheet thickness

0.6 - 6 mm

0.023 - 0.23 in.


±0.05 mm

± 0.002 in.


51mm diameter hole capacity, or larger as required

2inch diameter hole capacity, or larger as required


Welding edges and seams, welding parts and components

Standard lead time

3 business days

Sheet Metal Fabrication Materials

The following are common metal materials we use for sheet metal fabrication. 


5052, 5083, 6061, 6082


C360, H59, H62


101, C110



Stainless steel

301, 304, 316L

Galvanized steel

DX51D, A653M

sheet metal fabrication materials

If you need customized materials, please contact BOYI team.

Gallery of Sheet Metal Parts

About Sheet Metal Fabrication FAQs

We will provide a specific delivery schedule based on the size and complexity of the order to ensure timely completion and delivery of the product. Normally, high-quality parts are delivered within 3 days.

We strictly adhere to ISO quality management systems, conducting rigorous checks and inspections at every manufacturing step to ensure products meet high-quality standards. We pay attention to details and aim to deliver superior sheet metal manufacturing products.

Our pricing considers factors like material costs, processing techniques, complexity, production quantity, among others. We provide reasonable quotations based on customer requirements, ensuring fair and transparent pricing.

Our service scope covers multiple industries, including electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, etc. No matter what your industry is, we can provide you with sheet metal manufacturing solutions.

Our company’s tolerance standards depend on the customer’s needs and specific project requirements. Usually, we are committed to ensuring that the tolerances of part manufacturing are within the range required by customers and comply with relevant industry standards and quality requirements.

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