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Precision CNC Machining Services

On demand precision CNC machining services for prototype and custom parts, with tolerances as low as+/-0.01 millimeters (+/-0.00039 inches), and a delivery time of 3 working days.

ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 13485:2016 | IATF16949

Rapid CNC Machining With a Delivery Time of 3 Days

Looking for fast turnover plastic and metal parts suppliers? With our plenty of CNC machine tools, our precision CNC machining can quickly turnover parts to accelerate product development while maintaining your project schedule. We can supply CNC parts in as little as 3 days. No need to wait for long cycles. Start your precision CNC machining project immediately.

Our Precision CNC Machining Services

Boyi is an excellent choice for manufacturing customized metal and plastic parts. From simple designs to complex designs with strict tolerances, we quickly produce prototypes and parts within a few days through our 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining.

cnc milling

3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis milling machines allow the creation of metal and plastic parts with complex geometric shapes.

cnc turning

Using our CNC turning technology to produce complex external geometries and internal holes, including machining various threads.

Gallery of Precision CNC Machined Parts

Following shows the custom CNC machining prototypes and end-use parts we produce for our customers.

Precision CNC Machining Tolerances

Whether it’s metal or plastic parts. When cooperating with Boyi, we guarantee that all parts will be manufactured according to your specifications. If you need more information, please contact the BOYI team.

Standards CNC Milling CNC Turning

Maximum Part Size

4000 mm×1500 mm×600 mm
158 in.×590 in.×24 in.

200 mm×500 mm
8 in.×20 in.

Minimum Part Size

1 mm×1 mm
0.04 in.×0.04 in.

2 mm×2 mm
0.08 in.×0.08 in.

Minimum Feature Size

Φ 0.50 mm
Φ 0.002 in.

Φ 0.50 mm
Φ 0.002 in.

Linear Dimension

±0.025 mm
±0.001 in.

±0.025 mm
±0.001 in.


±0.01 mm
±0.0004 in.

±0.01 mm
±0.0004 in.

Shaft Diameters

±0.025 mm
±0.001 in.

±0.02 mm
±0.0008 in.


Sharp inside corners on a part will be radiused (rounded) as a natural result of the CNC machining process.

Hole Diameters (Not Reamed)

±0.02 mm
±0.0008 in.

±0.02 mm
±0.0008 in.

Threads and Tapped Holes

Diameter: Φ 1.5-5 mm, depth: 3×diameter
Diameter: Φ 5 mm or more, depth: 4-6×diameter

Boyi can produce threads of any specification and size required by our customers.We can also machine custom threads.Click to view thread size chart

Laser Etching

Minimum width of 0.5 mm, depth of 0.1 mm

Use laser marking to create standard text for CNC parts

Surface Finish

Standard finish is as-machined: 125 Ra or better. Additional finishing options can be specified when getting a quote.

Standard Lead Time

3 business days

3 business days

View our screw tap drill size chart and simplify your machining process. Click here to access the tap drill size chart.

Precision CNC Machining Materials

Boyi provides industrial standard metal and plastic material processing quotations. If you have special material requirements, please contact the BOYI team.


Plastics (Non-metal)


We provide a quotation of 100+materials so that you can better compare and choose suitable materials.

CNC Machined Part Surface Finishes

During CNC machining, visible tool marks are usually left on the surface of parts to create the desired shape. To avoid the impact of such marks on the final product, we offer multiple surface finishing options to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the parts.

Name Applicable Material Color Texture

Polishing parts 

Metals & Plastics


Smooth, glossy finish

Bead blasting parts

Bead blasting

Metals & Plastics


The part surface is left with a smooth, matte appearance.

black oxide parts

Black oxide

Metals & Plastics


Smooth, matte black

anodizing aluminum


Clear, black, grey, red, blue, gold

Grainy texture, matte finish, glossy finish

powder coating parts

Powder coating


Black, White

Gloss or semi-gloss

If you have more complex surface finishing requirements, please contact the BOYI team.

Tour Our Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Center

Watch our video for a quick tour of our 3,000 square meter manufacturing facility in Dongguan,Guangdong. China, to leam more about Boyi’s rapid prototyping capabilities and how to quickly manufacture parts in 3 days.

BoYi 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machine tools – in just 72 hours, you can obtain precision CNC parts, which is our focus on providing customers with fast and efficient services.

Play Video about Boyi CNC Machine Tool Workshop
Play Video about Our 5 axis cnc machining

Our 5 axis CNC Machining

We have 5 axis CNC machining to meet high complex customized parts requirement .

Our quality control standards

How Boyi compares to online CNC quotation platforms

Utilizing our experienced production engineers and technical experts to handle complex projects and special requirements:

1. Each inquiry is reviewed by our engineers to ensure the accuracy of calculating material and processing costs – AI systems may not accurately handle special design features (such as sharp corners and radii), resulting in high or unreasonable quotations.

2. We provide on-demand manufacturing solutions, producing parts based on customer specific needs and design requirements – for situations involving complex CNC machining, online platforms are suitable for projects that require fast and standardized services.

Our precision CNC machining equipment is designed for rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing of end use components. Whether it is a single or thousands of CNC parts, we will provide accurate prices and DFM reports within 2 hours.

About CNC Machining FAQs

CNC machining is a manufacturing technique that utilizes computer numerical control to precisely cut and shape materials based on pre-programmed instructions. We can produce various complex parts and components based on designs provided by customers.

Generally, we can accept various file formats, including.STP,.STEP,.X-T, among others.

CNC machining is suitable for various materials, including metals (such as aluminum, steel, copper), plastics (such as ABS, polypropylene), and composite materials. We can choose the most suitable materials for processing according to customer needs.

At Boyi, we have flexible production capabilities that can meet the needs of one-time prototyping and large-scale production operations. Whether you need a single part or thousands of parts, we can provide you with solutions.

Boyi has more than 50 CNC machine tools and over 30 experienced technical experts, so we can produce over 8000 different CNC parts per month. In addition, thanks to our validated manufacturing partners in our manufacturing network, we can provide unlimited additional CNC machining parts.

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